M K Engineering



Offering a wide range of Blue Star Cooling Electrical Appliances such as Cold Rooms, Bulk Milk Coolers, Central AC, Deep Freezer, Ice makers, Dairy Coolers, Air Conditioners, Blast Freezer, Ripening Chmaber and more.




M K Engineering




Kolkata Office:                          Howrah Office:


10 B, Ekbalpore road,              Vill & P.O.: Mullick Bagan, P.S.: Panchla,

Kolkata 700 023,                       Howrah 711 302,

West Bengal,                              West Bengal,

India                                            India

Ph:      +91 9830047497 / +91 9836524109 / +91 9038120096

email: mk_electro@yahoo.com







M K Engineering is the distributor of Cold Rooms manufactured by Blue Star with outstanding PUF Insulated Panels and high-tech features that attract the people of the world as it gives best cooling and conservation chambers particularly design for customer’s requirements.