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Offering a wide range of Blue Star Cooling Electrical Appliances such as Cold Rooms, Bulk Milk Coolers, Central AC, Deep Freezer, Ice makers, Dairy Coolers, Air Conditioners, Blast Freezer, Ripening Chmaber and more.



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Cold Rooms

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Cold Rooms

Cold Storage Division delivers a wide variety of cooling and conservation products. It has been designed in such a way to suit all industries that keep your all types products over the extended period of time without loosing its freshness and its originality. 

We, M K Engineering are the certified dealer and distributor of Cold Storage rooms developed by Blue Star. It is an utilitarian for every sectors such as agriculture, horticulture and floriculture sector, generator of fresh produce of all types of food processing units, pharmaceutical industries, seafood and other similar industries such as dairy and hospitality sectors, as well as hotels, restaurants, and eateries.

M K Engineering is the distributor of Cold Rooms manufactured by Blue Star with outstanding PUF Insulated Panels and high-tech features that attract the people of the world as it gives best cooling and conservation chambers particularly design for customer’s requirements.
We offer cold rooms of temperature 2 deg celcius to 8 deg celcius for Pharmaceutical product Storage, Hotels, Hospitals, Horticulture and Floriculture industry segments. We offer low temperature rooms for Pharmaceutical product storage, Ice-cream, Hotel and Fishery segments. We have a complete range of condensing units from air-cooled to water-cooled and with hermatic / semi-hermatic options. We also have flame-proof / non flame-proof evaporators with Stainless Steel body.
Bluestar Cold rooms have the following advantages:
» PUF panels manufactured in the state of the art Bharuch factory.
» Unique Camlock arrangement for fixing up the panels which allows easy maintainence, dismantling and assembling of panels.
» Panels available with various combinations of Pre-painted Galvanised sheet inside/Pre-painted Galvanised sheet outside, Prepainted Galvanised sheet outside/SS Sheet inside, SS inside /SS outside.
» Doors manufactured and tested under rigorous conditions at Bharuch factory
» Evaporator units having Stainless steel body.
» Inner grooved copper tubes for superior heat transfer.
» External rotor driven fans have low noise levels and conform to IP45 standards.
» Inbuilt defrost heaters for low temp units.
» Cold rooms can be supplied with varied lengths, depth and height as per site condition.
» Microprocessor BMS compatible controllers provided for the freezer units for remote monitoring of all functions of cold rooms, Communicates all faults and alarms.
» Complete range of high temp, medium temp and low temp (Air and water cooled ) refrigeration units for varied applications.